What's better than our current features? Our new features.

  • Save to Your HomeScreen (Feb 8) - For quick sharing, easily save your HereCard to your home screen using your phone's native "Save to Home Screen" options.
  • Change Order of Items (Dec 18) - You can now change the order of items on your HereCard.
  • Share Menu Launched (Dec 7) - The first version of the Share Menu allows easy sharing of your HereCard’s QR code or link, plus your browser’s native share menu. 
  • QR Codes are now Images (Oct 28) - As part of forthcoming share options, QR codes are now images instead of SVGs, making them easy to right-click and save!
  • Custom Handles (Oct 19) - Grab your own custom HereCards handle, just like Hurry before your name is taken!
  • Improvements for Mobile (Oct 18) - Create and edit HereCards right from your mobile phone.
  • HereCards is Launched! (Oct. 12)

Next up: More sharing options!